Martial Arts Social Media

I, like a lot of the people reading this blog, use social media on a regular basis. I am not concerned with posting up stasis on how I am feeling or what particular food I ate for my breakfast, I rather like to use the social media tool as a method of discussion and connection with others. I have noticed of late that many people in the martial arts community seem to have issues with video clips posted on sites such as YouTube or Instagram showing aspects of an art that doesn’t fit in well with the conventional ideas of… Continue reading

Systema Manual by Konstantin Komarov

I am not the fastest reader of any book, but when one peaks my interest I like to savor it and spent a long time absorbing what it has to offer. That may be a dam good story, some intriguing historical facts or information related to a subject I am interested in. Like the “Let every breath” book by Vladimir Vasiliev & Scott Meredith, the Systema Manual authored by Major Konstantin Komarov had that hold upon me. The main theme running throughout this book is the overwhelming openness and honesty Continue reading

“Build a warrior, don’t break his spirit!”

It’s funny the parallels we see in the world around us, I was watching a program on TV a few weeks ago. It was based in a small working museum near my home town, a place was called “Morwellham Key”. A group of three people, two Archaeologists and a Historian, were spending a whole year living and working in the environment of the British Edwardian era, based between the death of Queen Victoria and the outbreak of the first world war. In one episode a new horse was required on the farm, so a herd Continue reading

“Want to learn to Fight? Then learn to breath!”

The human body is an organic machine, but like all machines it needs a fuel source to function efficiently, and like any other machine if you put the wrong fuel in this will impair that function. Now a day’s most people are aware of the crisis facing the world due to the obesity epidemic that is occurring globally. In 2008 figures were showing  1.4 billion adults overweight, and 500 million being obese. Over 40 million preschool children were overweight, and 2.8 million people dying every year as Continue reading

Systema South West The Story So Far

Our school of Systema has been running for around 4 years so far. We began training as a group of enthusiasts in a small hall use by a local play group. The group leader was good enough to allow us the use of this hall for free, as she knew how much Systema meant to us all. After A while the training became much more frequent, and our group became bigger. We out grew the small hall and needed to find a bigger venue. That venue is still our current location, but like any new venture we had to take Continue reading

Modern day Martial Arts becoming ineffective from competition

WKF 01

Martial arts has always been a way of challenging yourself against others, but this has now come to a stage where the fighting itself has become impotent, by this I refer to competition. I do not mean to disrespect anyone reading this who has excelled or is training to excel in competitive fighting or sparring, but the take on this subject is as real as for a ring fighter as it is for a combatant who trains to survive on the street. Reality is different for everyone, my reality is a world apart Continue reading