Wheeler Systema European Master Class Day 4

The fourth and last day of the 2016 Wheeler Martial Arts European Master Class commenced with tuition from Martin on how to help heal the psyche and relax the body through the finer points of walking massage. One of the main blockages to relaxing when being massaged is the pain, however Martin explained that pain of a massage is not the pain of an injury, and this should be realised by us all. Working on our partner’s body by walking the tension to the surface from deep within the muscle each individual again searched inside themselves for way to accept… Continue reading

Wheeler Systema European Master Class Day 3

Day Three of Wheeler Systema European Master Class saw the arrival of new students for the final days of tuition. We began by Martin explaining the biggest battle we have to fight is within ourselves, a statement we here many times in the world of Systema, but today Martin would help us to see into the abyss of panic which in turn would allow us to search out the feeling that triggers panic, begin to recognise it, gradually lower ourselves deeper and deeper into that abyss, thereby understand when panic begins to ensue and learn how to control it. This was… Continue reading