Wheeler Systema European Master Class Day 4

The fourth and last day of the 2016 Wheeler Martial Arts European Master Class commenced with tuition from Martin on how to help heal the psyche and relax the body through the finer points of walking massage. One of the main blockages to relaxing when being massaged is the pain, however Martin explained that pain of a massage is not the pain of an injury, and this should be realised by us all. Working on our partner’s body by walking the tension to the surface from deep within the muscle each individual again searched inside themselves for way to accept… Continue reading

Wheeler Systema European Master Class Day 2

After a sound night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast, we gathered for Master Class day two. Martin began with telling us he wished to work on striking this session, but we were to begin with working with sticks. These would be initially use as a warm up method, two partners to one stick would attempt to twist the stick in different ways and directions trying to twist it simultaneously from each other’s grip whilst ensuring the shoulders are kept relaxed. This would be done whilst passing it around the body and whilst going to and from the floor. After this… Continue reading

Fear Shrinks The Brain

Just recently my wife and I have been getting into the TV series “The Walking Dead”. We have had a massive watch-a-thone going from series 1. We were well into series 5 episode 13 when one of the characters, ” Aaron” said “Fear shrinks the brain”. Now those four words hit a chord with me, and most probably would for any student of Systema, but I thought what is it actually telling me? Is he claiming that the brain physically reduces in size when it encounters fear? Well I am not qualified to say yes or no to that question,… Continue reading

Martial Arts Social Media

I, like a lot of the people reading this blog, use social media on a regular basis. I am not concerned with posting up stasis on how I am feeling or what particular food I ate for my breakfast, I rather like to use the social media tool as a method of discussion and connection with others. I have noticed of late that many people in the martial arts community seem to have issues with video clips posted on sites such as YouTube or Instagram showing aspects of an art that doesn’t fit in well with the conventional ideas of… Continue reading

The Legends 2014 DAY TWO.

This post is about Day 2 of the Lengends of Systema Seminar in October 2014, held in Shropshire, England. Be sure to read the run down of Day 1 of the Systema Legends Seminar, before reading this post which continues on from the first day’s events, with masters Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev. After a good night’s sleep and an exceptional hearty breakfast, the class reassembled in Wenlock hall and warmed up in preparation for the day ahead. Mikhail led the class off again and asked everyone Continue reading

The Legends Seminar 2014 DAY ONE

The long awaited Legends seminar hosted by Jamie Robson and Matt Hill, kicked off on the 4th of October in Lillieshall, Shropshire, at the National Sports and Conference Centre. The instructors in residence were Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev. The subjects to be covered would be, unarmed combat against single and multiple opponents on day one and weapons against single and multiple opponents on day two. The first session began with Mikhial giving instruction to the nearly 200 strong class Continue reading