Legends of Systema

Systema South West along with our chief instructor Andy Seatherton, regularly attend seminars and train under the top legends of Systema. We follow the teachings of Colonel Mikhail Ryabko and often attend seminars with his top student Master Vladimir Vasiliev and english Systema instructor Mr Martin Wheeler.

Systema South West then bring this acquired knowledge and the teachings of these great legends of Systema to our Systema training in Exeter, Devon.

Theses legends of Systema are world class and have been made famous in recent years by their videos on YouTube which often end up going viral. The Systema masters in question are:

Colonel Mikhail Ryabko

Master Mikhail RyabkoColonel Mikhail Ryabko is the biggest name and most well known of the Systema masters. Well known for bringing russian Systema out of the hidden depths of the russian military, as well as to western shores.

Mikhail Ryabko entered the world of Systema when he was five being taught by one of Joseph Stalin’s personal bodyguards, before moving on to study combative Spetsnaz training when he was just fifteen years old.

Today, based in Moscow Russia, Colonel Mikhail Ryabko is the director and chief instructor of Systema Headquarters in Moscow. Mikhail has passed on his knowledge to his top student Vladimir Vasiliev and his top student Martin Wheeler.

Master Vladimir Vasiliev

Master Vladimir VasilievMaster Vladimir Vasiliev, the top student of Colonel Mikhail Ryabko, has a background heavily entwined in the russian military and Special Operations Unit himself.

Vladimir Vasiliev received intense russian military martial art training from the highest Special Operations Unit instructors. He was decorated with many medals and governmental awards during his service including the “Order of Loyalty” and “The Order of Duty and Honour”.

Master Vladimir Vasiliev is the instructor of well known english Systema instructor Martin Wheeler and is highly sort after all over the world for Systema seminars. Vladimir has been a huge driving force behind the expansion of Systema and has personally trained and certified over 500 certified Systema instructors in 30 different countries world wide.

Martin Wheeler

Martin Wheeler an English Systema InstructorMartin Wheeler is probably the most well known english speaking senior Systema instructor and for good reason. Take just one seminar or Systema class with Martin Wheeler and within the first few minutes you will understand why.

Martin is highly sort after for both military training and by civilian martial artists alike. Regularly training under Vladimir Vasiliev and attending seminars with Colonel Mikhail Ryabko, Martin has grasped and picked up Systema very quickly.

As well as being known for his russian martial art skills in the training hall, Martin has also appeared on screen. This includes choreographing the fight scenes in the movie “The Double”, starring Richard Gere and in a documentary called “Secret Service Secrets”, aired by the Discovery Channel, with Martin Wheeler deomonstrating hand-to-hand combat techniques used by the secret service.

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