Systema Video Gallery

Our Systema video gallery is made up of footage taken during our Russian Systema classes in Exeter, Devon and from seminars and events we regularly attend. We hope you enjoy our Systema video clips and look forward to meeting and training with you!

We love to hear from like-minded people, so if you have something to say, would like more information about Russian Systema or our classes in Exeter, Devon, then please feel free to Get in Touch.

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Stick work of Systema
Playing with the stick working on smooth flow.
Class introduction to chain work
Students becoming comfortable with the chain and its properties, and discovering the importance of maintain...
Punching working from the hand
A little trick I developed to help students get over the unrewarding feeling that can...
Making Friends with the floor
Systema South West students working on moving to and from a point of reference when...
Moving From The Body
Class work on the use of the trunk of the body for maneuvering.
Systema South West - Wheeler Systema Shortwork Seminar 08 05 2016
Systema South West host a short Pop-Up seminar from Martin Wheeler covering aspects of Short...

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