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Here is what some of our Systema students and those who have trained with us have had to say in reviews of our club. Although it’s good pratice to start with reading up on what others have had to say, the best way to get a good taste of Systema is to make it down to one of our classes and try it out for yourself! We therefore provide some free sessions with no obligations or strings attached to help you make up your mind.

Are you already one of our club members or have you trained with us before? Please consider leaving a review to help those who are considering to try our Systema classes. After all didn’t you read some of our reviews before deciding to attend your first class?

Ian Chalk
I learned a lot about myself and my body and found Systema to be the best conditioning training going! No pain, no gain as they say. Andy is a great teacher of the art, and no matter what your ability will ensure that you take something valuable away from each session…highly recommended!

Neil Beasley
Great seminar again guys,very educational and very approachable instructors. Always willing to share their knowledge. Thanks.

Sandie Hardcastle
Excellent thought provoking, life changing, excellent instructor.

Kevin Fairchild
Want a great club?

Rowan Griffith
Very interesting thought provoking great teacher.

Rob McLeod
I have no doubt that Andy will bring the same sterling qualities to his teaching of Systema as he always has to his Kenpo work. I’m sure Systema South West will be great success.

Ed Moorhouse
Systema is a unique martial art that can compliment any fighting style. Everyone can gain insight from their training methods. Andy is a fantastic teacher who will always push you but never expect more than you can deliver. I highly recommend going along and trying out the system.

Karl Durrant
Andy is a key influence in my Systema practice. A great mentor and empowering instructor.
Karl DurrantSystema InstructorBristol

Dean Vannan
Andy is a fantastic instructor and now good friend. His commitment and dedication to his martial arts is really refreshing. No ego and not money driven, he continues to dedicate his time and efforts for the benefit of others and to see this art progress and expand. Old school martial artist who teaches a martial art as a martial art and not a sport or gym class. Can’t praise him enough.

Sam Fullalove
After every lesson with Andy, I come away feeling that I have learned something new. He is devoted to the club and puts a lot of effort into each lesson, ensuring that the next lesson is different to the last and new techniques & skills are acquired. Systema is different to other martial arts, as well as other things, it has real world application, and it is easy to see why so many people enjoy it. I would highly recommend coming along to a session and trying it out!

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